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A Halloween Tradition…

October 30, 2014

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My Spooky Monsters!
Hotel Transylvania Inspired… the mummy was really good at acting, or maybe she was just too hot in her costume;)
I have a big, close knit family, and we love to spend time together.  My parents and my grandpa actually live in the same valley as us so we share dinner together a lot and we always plan special occasions together!  
This year my grandpa suggested that we start a fun Halloween tradition.  We have a lot of little ones in the family and he thought it would be entertaining for them, and in return entertaining for us! 
Boy was he right!  The party came together in one of those special ways and we made memories that we will cherish for years to come… I think us grown ups had just as much fun as the littles! It’s definitely a tradition that we hope to continue. 🙂
My grandpa has a special way of bringing fun to everything.  I hope his gift of entertaining rubs off on me because thanks to him I have developed a true love for it!  There is something fulfilling in having quality time together and genuinely enjoying the company of others.    
My poppa sent out the cutest handmade invitations to all the kiddos.  He likes art and being silly 😉 He wanted the party to be kid friendly of course so he was a clown!!!
We started the night at my parents house, which is the first house in the valley. My mom was “Good Witch Rosegelda” and she invited all the littles to help her make a witches a brew.  They each got a special ingredient to add to the pot!  My mom labeled each jar with a disgustingly spooky name like “bat brains, and “slimy spider legs”… the list went on!!! 😉
My dad was a scarecrow and he drove us all on the hayride down the road to my house, Frankenstein’s Mannor!  
At Frankenstein’s Mannor Jared and I welcomed them and I read Frankenstein’s favorite scary stories!!! We did a scary puppet craft and then made monster cookies. They were loving it!

Next, we took the hayride to my poppa’s house where we had a kid friendly haunted house!  The spook house was my favorite because they did a monster dance party in the middle room where I was hiding and I got to watch everyone have a little too much fun!!! Too bad I didn’t have my camera then!;)
We are really going to laugh at ourselves when we look back on this…
And at each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last, the hayride took us back to Rosegelda’s for some witch’s brew and Halloween snacks.  
I hope you have a fun and entertaining Halloween this year!  
Thanks for reading
xo, kc

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