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Thanksgiving on the Farm

December 1, 2014

Filed in: Family Life

For the O’Brien Thanksgiving this year Jared’s family decided to feast outdoors on one of the family farms.  The farms are the heart of his family so celebrating at one was perfect.  It’s a really big family and anytime we all get together we have a great time and make fun memories.  This time was also memorable because they took down a barn that had been on the land for over a hundred years!

Jared and his family really like learning about family history and Jared has actually done a lot of ancestry research.  They are a big storytelling family and so I thought it would be neat to have a record of this event so it can be a story passed along too…

We were able to each take home some pieces of the old Brush Creek Barn and we each plan to repurpose our heirlooms at our own homes.  It’s fun to think about how something gets passed along, where it came from, or maybe what all it’s been through.  We often think about history, but do you ever think that we are becoming a part of history?  I try to appreciate the journeys before me and I also hope I create a journey worth remembering.
Hope everyone had a special time with loved ones and enjoyed this Thanksgiving!  I’m so grateful I could spend time with all these wonderful people and I get to call them family:)
xo, kc

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