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Blush & Blue With Some Giggles Too…

February 27, 2015

Filed in: Womanhood

Hey hey happy Friday!  For some reason I have had a stubbornly rough week so my heart is so glad it’s Friday…

I have been frustrated a lot lately.  I sometimes get caught up in all my to do’s and loose sight of the most meaningful to do… Being a momma.  I have so many dreams, and my mind can slip into sidetrack mode so easy… I hate when I go through these stages but I think it makes me become better.  Better at motherhood. Better in general.

I like this week’s wear post because it embodies “mommy”

Blush tones are so feminine and womanly…and I love the baby doll style with the low back.  I think it will forever be a staple in my closet.  If you want to make it pop pair it with black or frankly any shade of blue from indigo to even a minty hue… one of my favorite color combos right here folks!

Hope you have an extra special weakend and love on the babies!!!;)

xx, kc

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    Hello baby Your article is so helpful for me,i like it,thanks!

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