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Awesome news for you and your home…via Pottery Barn

July 1, 2015

Filed in: Homemaking

Okay, so most of you know that I LOVE HOME… and all that it entails…. I recently had an interview with Pottery Barn and I wanted to share some important insights with you.

Let’s all agree that they are a beautiful company that has a clear mission about what their purpose is..  They want people to love their home and more importantly feel comfortable and stylish in their home.  They have been promoting their in home design services for awhile now but I think many people over look this thinking that it’s pricey and they can’t afford it.

Well I have awesome news for you- it’s not!  It’s actually even FREE!  They call it complimentary design service.  Call or go into Pottery Barn and let them know that you would love to schedule a design service and they will be happy to come out to your home and help 🙂 They are a company that wants to stand out for going the extra mile for their customers and that even means driving to your home no matter the distance.  I personally never considered it because I live 45 min. away from our nearest pottery barn store and I thought it would be rude to ask them to come out… especially if I couldn’t afford to purchase much at the time.

Contrare… this is exactly what they want!  They want to build a relationship with you and help you love your home.  Even if that means helping you work with what you have.  The design specialist are experts at this, and they are humans they understand that we all can’t buy everything we want at pottery barn right??? They will probably help guide you to what could be the right purchase for you when you are ready to buy…. Seriously- you can’t go wrong with that!;)

If your interested in some professional help with putting your home together- Pottery Barn is where you need to look:)

Happy Homemaking  Friends,

xxoo KC

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