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Back to School Shopping…

August 4, 2015

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Its sneaking up on us again… back to school time:)  Does anyone else ever get a little overwhelmed shopping for your kids each season?  It gets tough picking out a few new things and balancing with what they already have huh??? Over the past year I’ve made it so much easier on myself and it just keeps getting easier… I wanted to share this with you because it makes this time of year fun and I come away with things we love and need without breaking the bank…;)

First off, I made a decision this last year to clean out all the clothes that the kids don’t need, wear, or love… so if they haven’t worn it, even if I paid too much for it or their grandma did, 😉 GET IT OUT!  Simplify what your working with… we mamas like to grype about all our laundry so do yourself a favor and eliminate as much as you can!  Trust me, my laundry is semi manageable now.. hehe;)

Secondly, This part is kind of hard at first, but you will be glad once you do it.  I decided on three places that I plan to shop for my kiddos… and ONLY three!!!  In our shopping culture today there is such an endless amount of choices that you could spend forever contemplating on what to buy.  Make it easier on yourself again and narrow it down to the few places you really love and can always find great stuff at.

Now the last part is fun!  Either take your kids shopping with you or get online and look to decide what they like and what your willing to purchase- ha:) This part is soooo fun that it’s easy to get shop happy and want more than you can afford so make sure you have a plan for what’s needed and how much money you can spend.  Once you do this a few times it gets easier and you notice how much happier everyone is with the outcome.

I like to shop at nordstrom, gap, and target for my babes and I usually look online.  I usually make a wish list instead of a shopping cart at first… this way I can just scroll down and add the things I LOVE, what I think will FLATTER my kids, and what they NEED.   Once I’ve got this done, I invite the kiddos to have look and I let them choose from what I’ve created… I know I’m bad :/ if I don’t it ends up with a lot of missed match and mixed up things that are harder to mix and match.  So that pretty much sums it up. 🙂

Happy back to school shopping gals!  I hope this was helpful in some way to you!



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