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Are you on the same page as your spouse? This will help…

April 25, 2016

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Ever heard the quote “those who fail to plan , plan to fail,” yep that was us! We’ve started a new habit though that has been a game changer as we navigate life together.

For what seems like ages Jared and I had a really hard time being on the same page with what was going on in our life. (i.e… our AGENDA.)

He has a lot to keep up with at work, and I have a lot to keep up with in my scrambled egg head.. 😉  We would have arguments over our schedule, upcoming plans, and priorities we wanted to accomplish.  Every weekend he’d make his little to do list and I’d make mine… I’d expect him to remember what was on my planner and he would tell me last minute what was on his.  It wasn’t exactly the best practice.  After we noticed each other’s frustrations with this and kept failing to have a successful outcome we decided to figure out how to make it smoother…

Since doing this we have less arguments about plans or scheduling and we are both on the same page with a much clearer picture of what’s ahead.  It feels so good!  I know so many couples who struggle with this as well so I wanted to pass on this tip that has been so helpful for us!  Here’s a few simple steps that have led us in a better direction.


  • Sit down together and sync your iPhones with family sharing in settings so that they are the same regardless of who adds what 😉  it takes like 3 min… We haven’t had to remind each other of things or catch each other off guard because were on the same page and there is no excuse now for not knowing what lies ahead.  So much more efficient!


  • Make the time Sunday nights to look at your calendar together and review anything you’ve put in or want to add.  One cool thing we’ve noticed is how much its helped prioritize our to do list.  Now I can easily see what matters to Jared and vice versa and we can align our to do list better (you start to see what’s important to you and your partner real fast;) and you can begin to respect each other’s priorities and needs with what you plan) – so good!


  • Review your plan on Friday to prepare for the weekend and make any adjustments from the week.


I hope this tip helps you and your partner have better weeks ahead, spend less time stressing, and more time living for the most!




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