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The Favorites List… Shop Smarter Not Harder

May 29, 2016

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It’s always fun to talk about our favorite things and get inspired with all that we want, but where’s the limit??? Most of us aren’t very good at having an opportunity cost… We want it all- all our favorites!!!   Sometimes sadly I will think about all the things I want or need and get so overwhelmed with the choices and availability that I don’t even end up getting anything- ha!  Is this familiar to you?  Well, if so I think you’ll appreciate today’s idea!


Last Christmas I decided I needed better limits, a game plan, a guideline.  I always get overwhelmed with all the choices and craziness at that time of year.  So I found an ole reliable that I thought I’d never resort to, but low and behold,  it was a game changer and I actually began using it every month rather than only at Christmas time.

If you haven’t guessed already it’s the something you WANT, something you NEED, something you WEAR, something you READ stratagey… when I did this at Christmas I was soooo scared that it wasn’t going to be enough.  But you know what, it was perfectly sufficient.  It gave me a clear direction for getting the RIGHT things and I was amazed how everyone was extremely satisfied and grateful for what they got.  None of my kids asked for more presents and they were more genuinely happy with everything as were me and my husband.  After that I decided that this was something worth holding on to… I began using it as my monthly go to when planning monthly expenses.

Each month I make a little list/chart like this and plug in the goods.

Want                    Need                    Wear                    Read

Jared                                                                         ?

Kasey                                           ?

Kody              ?

Jake                                                                                                         ?

Finn                                             ?

It’s really easy and sets you up for success by making you think about what you most want and need.  You’ll have the necessities met with some room for desires too!  You can always add more than one thing in each category too if you prefer or need;)

Since I shared this with you, now I’ll share what OUR favorites are from this month.  Maybe you’ll see something to add to YOUR’S!


Fishing Tack,  Backpack,  ShortsJohn Adams Book


Sun Hat,  Shorts Makeup Boundaries Book


Fairy Garden Chicken Coop, Shorts,  Shoes, Bloom With Mi Book


Imaginex Toys, Shorts, Shoes, Inch by Inch Book


Batman MaskShortsShoesLlama Llama Red Pajama Book

I’m also going to be adding a new shopping tab to my site soon that will list my favorite places to shop and what I love for each season:)  Hope you have a wonderful long weekend- soak it up;)


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