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Winter Roast + The Reason We Cook Wild

January 20, 2017

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My husband is an avid outdoorsman. He has a great appreciation for nature and wild life.  When we dated, he loved teaching me about the land and the waters and he has always had big dreams of us living off our land.   He would hunt, fish, or gather garden goods, to prepare meals for me that I had never tried before.  To my surprise, I always loved what he made!  He took great pride and care in preserving our food this way and I have to be honest, it really impressed and inspired me.  I’m a total foodie, but it always seemed much easier to me to run to the market and buy the items.   He changed my mind though.  He taught me the respect and the art of gathering our own food from nature.  He showed me the quality and significance it can have.

It is important to us for other reasons as well… It saves our family money when we can provide our own food, and the quality and nutritious value is much healthier.   Since we’ve been married it’s been a shared goal to learn how to prepare good meals using the food we’ve gathered.  We typically eat one meal a week using gathered meat or fish and we hope to add our own vegetables and fruits to our meals throughout the years!  Each of our families have always had big gardens so we typically receive a lot from them, but we plan to start tending our own small garden this year.

We will be sharing one seasonal meal every few months that your family can gather and prepare together.  For winter, a slow cooked roast is a must.  Comfort food, comfort food, comfort food!  Slow cooking tenderizes the meat really well and also takes the game flavor out.  Here’s the recipe we use for a Winter Pot Roast…


venison roast

yellow onion

salt and pepper

herbs de provence

beef bouillon cubes





preheat oven to 350

flavor raw meat with salt, pepper, and herbs

cut onions

brown onions and sides of meat in an iron skillet

(this is a key step that helps keep the flavor and juices sealed)

place onions and meat in a dutch oven

with 5 beef bouillon cubes

and 5 cups of water

cook for 2 hours

add potatoes and carrots

cook for 1 more hour


Something great to add to this meal is beer bread!


preheat oven to 350

combine 1 can of beer, 3 cups of self rising flour, and 1/2 of cup sugar

pour into a deep, small baking pan bake for 30-45 minutes

when it comes out of the oven

poke small holes on top

and drizzle with butter


live for the most,



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