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Women Living For The Most… Featuring Veronica Partridge

March 10, 2017

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Today’s post is the beginning of a new series featuring interviews with women who are living for the most!  I’m so excited to see how this series will be used!  I love to hear from inspiring women and learn what’s working and helping them be successful in their journey.  I also love bringing women together and believe there is something powerful in introducing those with common endeavors.  We can all glean goodness from someone else’s story.  One of the most valuable things I appreciate in life is relationships and people who are willing to share their life lessons.  My heart for this series is that each woman’s story is used for good, and that each reader is offered encouragement and something valuable to apply to their own life.  

The first beauty we will begin with is my friend, Veronica Partridge.  She is an awesome woman doing some amazing things in her life!  She is the wife of Dale Partridge, and together they have two children with a third on the way!  They reside in Bend, Oregon where they are pursuing their calling of an honest and simple life.  They care deeply about people, and their life’s work is based on teaching other’s to spread this message too!  Veronica and Dale have recently written His and Her books titled Find Your Calling.  Dale also has an incredible business called Startup Camp, where he leads entrepreneurs to develop themselves, their families, and their brands.  

Veronica is the less famous face of the Partridge family, but she likes it that way.  She feels most comfortable behind the scenes, but don’t let that fool you.  She is a critical and key cornerstone to their life’s success.  One thing she highlights in our interview is her role as the woman of the household and how she has grown to take it very seriously.  

 Get ready to be inspired to apply some successful insight to your own life….. Let’s get started!

Why is “Living For The Most” important to you?

Andy Stanley once said, “What if the greatest thing you’ve ever achieved wasn’t something you did but someone you raised?”  I love that question.   For me, my greatest calling in life is to embrace the husband and children God has given me and steward to those relationships well.  Ultimately, living for the most means to take every day as it comes and do my best to set my family up for success.  For example, I wanted our home to be a place of rest, restoration, and healthy relationships—yet for too long I fumbled through my days overwhelmed and stressed out.  For too long I found myself asking at the end of each day, “what did I even do?”  Personally, I thrive off of both structure and order and not having either of those in place (mainly for selfish reasons) had finally caused me enough pain to change.  Today, I feel back in control to succeed in our home, in our marriage, and as a mother.

How are you accomplishing this right where you are?

For the past two years, I have sought out wisdom from scripture and Godly women to help guide me in what this culture has called “homemaking.”  Through submitting to counsel, scripture, and reading material I recently developed the “Partridge Family Home Management Handbook” which helps guide the duties required from me each day, week, and month.  Most of the handbook contains things I have been doing, however, I noticed I operate best when I can see in writing what I need to do next instead of storing everything in the back of my mind.  While my husband is the leader of our home, I am the manager of its operations.  I take the goals and principles we have discussed together and execute them by teaching and living them out each day as best as I can.

What is a good idea, tool, or resource that’s helping you in family life, home, or womanhood?

Definitely our Home Management Handbook.  Using the handbook is still new to me but ever since I put the time and energy into putting it together it has given me so much peace of mind.  To have the scripture, the schedules, the cleaning routine, and our home goals that were once floating around in my head on paper to reference, has been such a breath of fresh air.  It provides the structure and order my soul craves which naturally lifts my spirits and energizes me to serve my husband and children well.

What is a favorite book or quote that has offered you knowledge or inspiration?

Well, there are so many, the very first page in our handbook is a page of scriptures I read daily to remind me why I am doing what I am doing.  The book I read that inspired me to create our handbook in the first place is called Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman.  I’d also like to add, you do NOT need to have a large family to apply the principles this book offers :).

What advice would you give your younger self?

Veronica, never underestimate the power and goodness of God.  You are far more capable than you think.  Always be willing to learn and grow, no matter how difficult the circumstance may be.

A big thanks to Veronica for taking the time for this interview, and thank You for reading!

Be on the lookout for the next feature.  Coming soon!

live for the most,  


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  1. Shauna says:

    So inspiring ! I want that handbook ! Who wouldn’t want that !? Sounds amazing

  2. Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the amazing work.

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