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Share The Love… 5 Sweet Valentine Ideas

February 9, 2018

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Over the years I’ve picked up some ideas to share love and make the sweet holiday special without overspending or eating too much sugar!-Ha.


Here’s the go to list… 



Set the mood by making cards together.  It’s funnest to make a few homemade, but we usually purchase some from here too!



Fix a fun breakfast.  Raspberry muffins or pink doughnuts go great with some eggs and bacon or you can do the old reliable heart shaped EVERYTHING… cinnamon rolls, pancakes, watermelon, strawberries, the list goes on!  Just invest in ranging sizes of shaped cookie cutters and call yourself the queen of hearts.  Some red sparkling grape juice adds just the right touch of sparkle to your celebration too!  If that’s not for you, then go for the big heart marshmallows in a nice cup of hot cocoa.  Have a look through my pinterest board to get more inspiration!



Go flowers for  your girls, and balloons for your boys.  Instead of getting the kiddos gifts I get them these for a special day surprise.  It’s something different and a tradition that gets the day off to a great start!



 Capture a keepsake to hold in your heart.  We bought an old fuji film camera last year and the kids had so much fun creating cute valentine photos.  Even with a normal camera grab a sweet snap with some kind of special prop!  Your heart eyes will thank you later.  



Surprise them with something special to do together.  Rather than another toy or present, I try to think of something we can experience together that they will be super excited about and look forward to.  Something that shows them some love.  It can even be an act of kindness or a service you do for them that they would appreciate.  Some examples – a fancy massage, a pedicure, a class on something that sparks their interest…  I recommend with littles, that it’s something you can do that day.  The anticipation and excitement is half the fun.  


Do you already have some sweet ways to share love?  What are your favorite traditions?  I’d love to know!



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