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Complement Your Character

October 30, 2019

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I’ve always believed in being comfortable in who you are, but these overalls are taking that to the next level! A tomboy free spirit at heart, I never found much use for fancy clothes. I’m a busy woman, keeping up with my family, home, and business so it’s important for my clothes to be durable and versatile. I like to keep it simple and wear what fits my lifestyle. These overalls have been a favorite everyday staple this fall at the Outpost!

I found them when I went to Fayetteville for fashion week. I popped into a new boutique called Darcy on the square and there they were- calling my name. A great style and fit, something I discovered Darcy is known for! Coincidentally, Darcy’s brand is also all about owning who you are and noticing the beauty and uniqueness of individuals.

I appreciate businesses promoting a positive message. I remember it wasn’t until college that my best friend and I were shopping together and she started pointing out what would flatter me the most in shape and style. For the first time, I stopped comparing myself to others and developed a confidence in my own character. I realized I could be quite content and comfortable once I curated the right pieces to complement who I was.

Have you narrowed down the style that best suits you? Do you have a go to piece of clothing that will always be one of your staples? Please tell in the comments what clothes compliment your character!

Keep living for the most,

xx kc

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