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Bass Pro Shops Shooting Academy X Young Outdoorsmen United

July 20, 2020

We recently received an invitation from one of our favorite local organizations, Young Outdoorsmen United, to attend a shooting workshop at Bass Pro Shops Shooting Academy. It was a new adventure that our family had never experienced and we immediately said yes to the incredible opportunity! Before I share our experience I want to make sure to let you know that this was not just an invitation for us as a blogging family but it’s an invitation to all families in our county. It was also not a paid partnership for advertisement, but a paid event offered to every family interested. Young Outdoorsmen United has existed in our community for many years encouraging and engaging families in the great outdoors. We love participating in their amazing events and supporting their endeavors. I copied and pasted their mission and goal from their website for you to read because I thought it was so beautiful and welcoming.

“Welcome to Young Outdoorsmen United”

“Our goal is to
“Build opportunities for youth and families to enjoy the outdoors through hunting, fishing, shooting, and other related outdoors activities.”
 We believe today’s society is producing more single parent homes, an abundance of electronic diversions, and an overflow of extra-curricular activities, all which make it increasingly difficult for kids and parents to connect to our long heritage of outdoor traditions.  Young Outdoorsmen United provides  a variety of pathways to help introduce, involve, and preserve many  lifetime skills passed down for generations. 
Our area youth can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, demonstrations, and educational workshops that are scheduled all year long.”

Our family loaded up and headed to Branson for the day to do a little target practice with the Young Outdoorsmen United. We were welcomed by the wonderful staff of Bass Pro Shops Shooting Academy who introduced us to the property and the sport of shooting. As a hunting and fishing family we love to learn from experts of the trade and experience new adventures that make us better conservationists. The guide explained that the academy’s prime focus is to provide a place for people to practice shooting trap, skeet, clay, but the venue is also used for special events and offers party packages for personal or corporate use. They also hold musical festivals and other outdoor exhibits there! It was a beautiful property. I was very impressed as always with this new Bass Pro/Big Cedar property.

When we started the shooting we each were issued our own protective eyewear, ear plugs, and shotgun with shells. Our family had a guide who aided us and taught us lessons about the guns and sport. Having a professional on hand was very helpful.

In my childhood days my dad would take me skeet shooting often but I never could get the hang of it. I eventually lost interest and dismissed the idea of hunting wild game because I thought I just wasn’t a good shot. Come to find out, I’m left eye dominant which changes the dynamic for a right hand shooter. The guide asked me to try shouldering the gun on my left side and I hit the first target! I came to realize I was never actually a poor shot, I just needed some proper instruction. I had so much fun building confidence with the gun and my shooting ability! I also couldn’t help but notice the impact it had on the children to see their mother trying something different and growing in something new. It reminded me to never be afraid to keep exploring. I think I may even go on a hunt now!

Looking back, it culminated into exactly the outline Young Outdoorsmen and Bass Pro hopes for… a fun outdoor experience of learning together and adventuring. The kids and Jared were in heaven and also learned a lot about new shotguns as well as their personal skill sets as shooters. We walked away with huge smiles and a new bond. The academy comes highly recommended by the O’Brien’s!

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Also, check out more behind the scenes of our trip on my instagram highlights here! I have some clips of my first left shoulder shot!!

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