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Baby Boom

August 12, 2020

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It’s nesting time! I’ve been in baby mode lately getting all ready for this new bundle!! It’s been so long since the last baby I had some homework to do. I laugh because I’m always the first to tell new parents that you don’t need much when preparing for a new addition, but I’m finding it hard to practice what I preach. There are inevitable things that are needed like a bed, a car seat, clothes, and blankets… Beyond that, the options are overwhelming!

I started this pregnancy by taking a motherhood e-course on pregnancy, birth, and the first year. It was called Blossom by Courtney Adamo who is a family lifestyle influencer that I like to learn from. It helped freshen me up on all the things and guide me in deciding what I value and wish for in this chapter of motherhood.

I’ve slowly purchased a few pieces to start preparing for the baby boom and I’m so happy with how it’s coming together. I chose to go with a Moses basket for the baby’s bassinet because I can keep it by the bed or move it around the house during the day. It can also be taken easily on trips or to other places. I bought mine from snuggle me and they had an amazing invention that I couldn’t resist to go along with it called the snuggle me bundle which can be used to cradle the baby in the basket or in our bed, as well as teaching them tummy time and head control plus sitting skills. I ordered sheets and baby blankets from them to match the goods as well. I felt like these were solid first purchases to get us through the first few months for sure.

With each of my children I searched for an art piece or decor object that would welcome them into the world and represent their space in our home well. For the new baby, I knew it needed a rainbow themed item because of the connection of its life to my dad’s. The baby was conceived during the loss of my dad, which was such endearing timing. This year has had such tragedy and sadness so it’s been a ray of hope for our family to look forward to the joy of a new journey and beginning. After we lost my dad this spring, a rainbow appeared in the sky and rainbows have continued to shine in special moments throughout this season reminding us of Gods promise and provision. I searched some ideas up on Pinterest and created a baby board to help me have a vibe for the space. Since we’re not finding out the baby’s gender, I also needed some inspo for a neutral palette and style. I used the board to gather the overall look I envision and then I searched some of my favorite shops to find a few pieces that fit the mold.

I found the rainbow from brimful– an online children’s book and toy store I adore. I found the birds from sugarboo and co which has my favorite artwork ever, and then I received the Scorpio poster as a gift from a new business that reached out to me called mapiful. I thought the sign was so perfect because the baby is scheduled to arrive around the birth dates of many of my family and friends who share the Scorpio sign. I also loved it because it represents a piece of who this new human will be.

Many people ask me often if I’ve had inklings or dreams of what the baby will be like and my answer is that I’m unsure of the gender as I’m careful not to hope for or dictate the outcome of that part… I feel lucky to bring a baby into the world and I’m not about to be picky about whether it’s a boy or girl. I also don’t believe a woman can know the gender based on symptoms of pregnancy. Each one has similarities and each one has differences. Plus there is no known research to conclude the outcome based on feelings. I will say that I have had intuition that this baby will be big like Jake and also that it will have a similar demeanor, look, and personality as Jake. I feel this to round out our family dynamic… but who knows? I’ve also felt strongly that this baby will be a nature baby and love the outdoors- even possibly pursue a passion of the purpose. This has been with me since discovering the pregnancy and the circle of life back to my dad. It will be fun to see if my instincts are accurate… it’s the ever evolving part that’s so exciting and interesting about bringing life into this world.

I’ll be sure to share more details as we dive into this delicate bubble again. If you have any questions about the baby topic please don’t hesitate to ask!

Living For The Most,


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