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I love the transition to summer!  The kids getting out of school.  Planning fun summer activities… We try to take full advantage of summertime around here 😉  The kiddos have been busy this time of year with dance, ball, and just plain playing outside.  Here’s some small talk on things I want to remember from […]

Family Life

June 8, 2016

Small Talk – {featuring PEEK kids summer style}

First of all, put on your favorite music and whistle while you work;) Seriously though …music elevates your mood, keeps your mind busy, and makes the time fly so I always play music while cleaning.  Me and the babes break for dance parties too! When cleaning out clothes, toys, etc… play the like or love […]

Family Life, Homemaking, Womanhood

April 15, 2016

The Best Way To Spring Clean + Small Talk

  A few years ago I remember a specific moment when I felt rescued.  I surrendered my plan for my life and told God that I was ready to find out what his purpose for my life was instead.  Since then, everything has been perfect and my life has been happily ever after… 😉  haha! […]

Family Life, Homemaking, Womanhood

March 28, 2016

My Story

Who is ready for a fresh start… a clean slate? This time of year is always a time I get motivated to get back to basics and declutter our home and lives.. Getting a fresh perspective on what’s working and what’s not and adjust a little. Last year I read a wonderful book called Essentialism […]

Family Life, Homemaking, Womanhood

January 4, 2016

A Clean Slate… Essentialism

Oh black, you’ve always been there for me.  You know what I need even when I don’t. Your my go to. My ole reliable.  When in doubt wear BLACK. As a young woman I was famous for wearing black… probably because I was often unsure of what to wear and knew I could trust that […]


October 22, 2015


We headed out on our favorite fall tradition.  A trip to the corn maze.   Picnics, horseback rides,  corn jump, tractors & trains, tire swings, and the list go’s on… Happy Fall Ya’ll !  

Family Life

October 12, 2015

Fall Fun…

Have you ever experienced a moment when you recognize you are mastering something… like you have finally figured out the secret and WOW it’s so much better than the way things were before?!? I was talking with a friend who has made some lifestyle changes for the better.  She has lost a lot of weight […]


October 7, 2015

It’s not perfect but it’s SO much better…

So I’ve been knee deep cleaning out closets and prepping for fall… I’m having a sale this weekend with all the kiddos clothes and some of mine and jared’s as well.  As I was getting out our fall clothes it made me excited for the transition.  It inspired me to break out this transition piece… […]


August 20, 2015


July pretty much looked like this.  Hot summer days had us in the water as much as possible.  Between our creek bank and papa’s pool we stayed cool.  The kids love the outdoors and they are finally all getting big enough where it feels a little easier to get out to the water with them. […]

Family Life

August 7, 2015

Small Talk July 2015

Its sneaking up on us again… back to school time:)  Does anyone else ever get a little overwhelmed shopping for your kids each season?  It gets tough picking out a few new things and balancing with what they already have huh??? Over the past year I’ve made it so much easier on myself and it […]


August 4, 2015

Back to School Shopping…

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