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December Casual…

December 15, 2014

Filed in: Womanhood

December is in full swing now and so are red lips and chunky scarves!   I’ve always had a love for fashion and I probably came by that natural since my mother and grandmother were both boutique owners and fashion lovers themselves.  There was no escaping it!!! 😉 

Of course most girls like to feel pretty and get all dolled up.  It’s something we never seem to out grow.   I’ve had a lot of people encourage me to post some fashion ideas and  I’ve hesitated  because I don’t want people to think that’s the kind of thing I value.  I do love style , but there are many more valuable things that are dear to my heart.  That being said, we do have to wear clothes and we enjoy sharing ideas so I wanted to go ahead and share this with you.  

I love to find unique items and even better I love to support small business.  I shop locally as much as I can and I always search etsy for special gifts and such… I discovered this cowl at a conference I attended this fall and I purchased one for my mom and I.  They are so soft and cozy.  Perfect for this time of year! The name of the shop is Melody Joy Designs.  She makes jewelry and leather bracelets as well.  She has such a sweet heart and I love all her products! You can find them here.

Hope you all enjoy this post and I’d love to hear of shops that are working for you!  Please share in the comments!

Also I have a post coming next week that you won’t want to miss so be sure to check back!

Love you all 
xo, kc

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