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Back to Basics

January 13, 2015

Filed in: Homemaking

This time of year is so nice… so many people think of it as gloomy and depressing, but I’ve always seen it as restful and reenergizing.  I take advantage of the cold weather and use it as an excuse to be lazy and stay HOME!!! I like to read up on things, declutter and refresh the house.  This year I read a great book over the holiday called “Essentialism”  by Greg McKeown.  It was exactly the encouragement I’ve been needing to get back to basics.  We usually see this time of year as time to get back to basics in our home,  organizing and such.  However,  this book was based on taking essentialism to heart and sticking with the basics in all aspects of life… I loved it!  It really is a must read!  I could say so much more about it:)

I’ve taken it to heart and I’m really striving to remind myself of what’s essential?  The mindset has inspired me to use these concepts in my home since this is the season for that as well;)

I will be doing a series called Back to Basics that will give ideas and inspiration step by step through each space in our home.  I hope you join me and I hope it helps you get rid of the unneccasary and find the essentials that make you happy!

One way you can get started is to categorize your pinboards on pinterest by spaces or rooms… Start pinning ideas you like for each space.  When you get a collection it will be easy to see what you value in a space.  You will simply take note of the similarities in the images you’ve chosen.  You can take a look at my pinterest to see how I’ve been working on this… mine is still a work in progress, so don’t judge!  It should help you understand what I’m explaining though 🙂 I will begin the series next week and we will start with the bedroom so check back!

P.S. Don’t get overwhelmed on pinterest!  Stay focused on only pinning for the bedroom this week so you’ll get that accomplished;)

Love you all!

looking forward to doing this together and warmest regards from our home to yours,



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