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January 23, 2015

Filed in: Womanhood

I’m planning to start posting some type of fashion post every friday just for fun and to share ideas… I chose work out wear this week because I’ve been wearing this type of stuff like crazy lately and I know a lot of people are in exercise mode this time of year!  I haven’t made working out enough of a priority since having my children, so this year I decided to ease back into it nice and s l o w… I have been trying to start my mornings by doing some simple stretches to get my blood flowing and I’m actually enjoying it:) I am hoping to start small and build on it each month until a morning workout is a habit that I enjoy and look forward to.  It’s working so far because when I’ve missed I didn’t feel as good so it motivated me to stay persistent!!! 😀

TOP-  Walmart


SHOES-  Nordstrom

( FYI ) I use to think nordstrom was really expensive but I’ve found that they offer the same price range as other department stores but in my opinion they have a much better selection.  So next time your shoe shopping check them out;)

Happy Friday Friends!

xo, kc

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