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Citronella Summer… Keep The Bugs Away From Your Backyard

June 3, 2017

Filed in: Homemaking

Summer is on us and the bugs are breaking out!  It’s all fun and games when you’re catching fireflies in your mason jar, but what about those pesky mosquitos that won’t let you enjoy your play?  Well I’ve learned to invest in insect repellent.  It makes those summer night’s in the backyard so much better!

This month I’ve been focusing on the backyard and making it more get together friendly.  My goal is to have twinkly lights and a fire pit area with picnic tables and a grill ready guy;)  Surely I can make most of those things happen right?  I want it to be super easy and low maintenance so I can focus more on the gathering than the preparation of it.

I’ve been trying to decide on easy perennials and a great spot for a vegetable and flower garden as well.  Gosh it’s so easy to dream about landscaping and yard ideas, but it’s much harder to follow through on those dreams.  It takes a lot of work to care for outdoor property.  So whether you have lots of land or a small little spot, keep it simple and remember what will make those outdoor moments matter.

I love these citronella candles and other pest free essentials from Terrain.  They get the job done while also looking nice and weathering the outdoors…

live for the most,

kc xx



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