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A Tip That Minds Mealtime

June 26, 2017

Filed in: Homemaking

Our son has had a lot of health issues and sickness since he was young and we’ve battled back and forth with it being contributed to his diet.  Since nutrition and wellness is such an overwhelming topic to face we’ve tried to pace ourselves and cast a vision of better overall health and more mindfulness as we journey along.  We feel that the slow and healthy changes result in longer lasting lifestyle changes for our family as a whole.  We are also learning together as we go along.  

I wanted to share the one biggest and best thing I’ve done this year that has made an impact on how we look at the food we eat.  It’s something that I thought of doing actually in hopes of organizing my pantry better but it has had multiple benefits!  

I have organized our food in order of the food pyramid.  It’s a simple thing to think about honestly, but it helps clearly visualize what your eating (or not eating).  I just googled the pyramid one day to see the accurate serving amounts we should take in and I make it a goal to achieve those and let that guide our meals.  

I place the fats/oils/spices/condiments at the top of the fridge or cabinet, then the dairy and proteins, fruits, veggies, and grains on down in that order.  With everything in it’s place it’s very clear to see what I’m buying the most and the least of as well as what we are consuming.  It is a simple trick that has developed our habits for the better!  When at the store it helps me also to stay on the outer edge for most purchases because that is where the freshest food is located.  As you linger to the isles you start collecting things that you shouldn’t be 😉  

We also try to only drink water at home and not keep any other drinks on hand.  We get enough opportunity to buy drinks out and about so that helps us with our water intake.  We do buy milk for cereals and such as well as orange juice for breakfast.  

This has just been an easy way to keep us focused and assess our progress and/or failures in order to make improvements as needed.  

Hope it’s helpful to you as well!  

kc – xx

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