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Why Dresses Are The Bestest

July 24, 2017

Filed in: Womanhood


I keep adding more and more dresses to my wardrobe because they are just so good!  I’ll choose a good dress these days over any other article and here are my reasons why… 


Dresses are perfection for a woman’s body.  You can move so freely in them and not feel like anything is too snug around the waste, butt, or thighs.   They can also allow you a little growth throughout weight shifts like pregnancies…  I could have endless reasons to talk on why dresses are my comfy uniform!


Dresses are hard to outdate.  They are so simple and classic, it’s really hard to find a dress that doesn’t have lasting style.  This being said your purchase with a dress goes a longer way because you will likely wear it throughout various trends.  (When I am looking at style on pinterest or any other inspirational lookbook I’m always most drawn to photos of women in dresses or classic pieces because they just look so timeless and the look simply lasts through the trends.)


Another wonderful reason why I adore wearing dresses!  When you buy a pair of shorts or capris you’re only able to wear them during specific times of the year.  When I find a great dress I can get much more use out of it because I can typically make it versatile throughout the seasons.  When looking for dresses make sure they are transitional then you can throw a sweater on it in the fall, tights in the winter, or a jean jacket come spring.  Dresses really are the bestest! 

stay simple, stay true, remember what matters too. 


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