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Forest Table Feast

November 22, 2017

Filed in: Homemaking

At Thanksgiving I host my husbands side of the family and since I’ve never been able to afford to purchase all the beautiful settings all at once, I started simple and made it tradition to add one nice thing to the table scape each year.  I hold myself to it and allow myself some room for creativity to come up with the other odds and ends as I go…  This year I was able to add some gorgeous glasses to the setting.  I love a little lux and lavish for Thanksgiving, but I’m also typically very simple and drawn to natural elements so to keep things toned down I went on a nature outing with the kids and found some greenery to tie into the look.  Bringing the outdoors in is always my go to just because it pleases all the senses so well.  The sight, smell, and feel of the real deal is so priceless and invited on a budget any day!  Hope this gives you a fresh idea and some inspiration for your next feast!

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