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Movie Night

May 18, 2018

Filed in: Homemaking

Around here we’ve been sooo busy with spring activities and although we’re together most of the time through those experiences we have been longing for some slow and sacred time together.  I know it sounds silly to say movie night is our slow and sacred time together, but I think so long as families are looking forward to doing something together then it can be called sacred.  We decided this year to cut back on media time at our house and so it gives us some special anticipation to plan our movie night/media consumption.  We break all the rules on this fun night!  We do pop and popcorn (and in the living room too!!!) haha: D  I know, I know, I’m mean…   Actually the kids do really great with these rules and I like to think it helps them learn some delayed gratification in the process.  The anticipation of knowing something we want is waiting at the end of the week gives us the discipline to maintain it.

All you have to do is…


– plan the night that you can stay consistent with

– plan your fun of choice ( maybe it’s cards, or board games, the list could go on, make it interesting to your own family)  

– plan your snacks and how you’re going to break some rules – lol


Most of all be present enjoying some quality time and creating haven for your family.  

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