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Working With What You Have… Why I Started The Supply Shop

January 25, 2020

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I’m hoping to add some personal pieces to each space in our home this year… I try to focus on one area of our home each month to improve on. This past month I’ve been eyeing some folksy wall art from sugarboo and co for our bedroom that reminds me of the journey of two becoming one and speaks to mine and Jared’s relationship and life together. I want the things that surround us to say something and be sentimental.

As I reflected on our room and thought about how I’ve styled it so far I recognized that maybe this is the reason I love the flower bouquets and they mean so much to me. They make a statement with their presence and offer something beyond beauty. A spirit of story and the hope of fruitfulness.

I’ve always been on a budget and unable to splurge too much on home decor so using natural elements are a way for me to add a little life to our haven. I also believe in working with what you have and luckily we have an abundance of property to find foliage and grow flowers on. I started the supply shop as a way to share this mindset with you all and offer the statement stems to kindred spirits. Are there any stems you forage or grow to highlight in your home or any that you would love to get your hands on?

Find the winter selection in the supply shop here and find the wall art I’m looking to purchase from sugarboo here.

All the warmest friends, keep living for the most.

xx Kasey

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