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Personalizing My Workspace

September 16, 2020

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Over the summer I worked on refreshing our work and play spaces… It’s always nice to have designated areas for these things especially when working from home or when having kiddos around. I think it’s a key to productivity and organization to be able to go to a space and have all the things you need there to prep and be successful at whatever you’re working on.

The kids space didn’t get much sprucing on the decor end, instead I just organized their stuff and gave everything a special spot for them to know where to find it and where to put it up. I focused more on mine and Jared’s work areas this time around because #1. Jared has had a promotion with his own office at work for over a year now and he’s been reminding me to bring in some of his personal items and pictures to showcase and make the space more sentimental. #2 I’ve had a designated work space for a few years now at home which I love, but I’d only organized. I’d never decorated with any items that were meaningful to me, so that’s been on my radar this year.

In the kids play space I have their play supplies and along with a world map on the wall, a quote we often recite to each other, some dream catchers, and some soft pillows with a blanket for comfort and warmth.

In Jared’s work space I took some personal items like his diploma, and some family history memorabilia. He requested photos too, so I framed some favorites. He’s very traditional and these things are staple office items to him. I’d still like to add something that represents his personality more like a quote or some outdoorsmen details that highlight his interests, but that can still come!

In my space I went with the pieces that represent my interests and experiences. I also made a pinboard/moodboard that I can change seasonally to honor the little things and house photos and miscellaneous things. I like being able to change photos and such up so this was a better option than traditional framed photos to me.

I found this tarp, titled, “weeds are flowers too” at Sugarboo and fell in love. I deeply believe that the failures and mishaps along the way in life are what leaves us with the most and so I like this little reminder. The “ozark wildflowers” print is actually a dish towel I found at a local shop called Hillfolk. I framed it to give a slightly more sophisticated look since the tarp was already kind of an organic style. The “teacher’s prayer” quote was given to me by my papa long ago when I graduated and got my first real job. It’s such a nod to a teacher’s heart and I’ll forever cherish it and hold it dear. The last item I purchased I happened upon when searching Sugarboo and it was on sale! It’s my favorite poem written by Emily Dickinson and I of course had to display it somewhere.

I’m happy to finally have a few personal pieces in my space that make it more of a haven. I hope you find some inspiration from this post to think about what you could highlight in your work or play spaces to bring them more wholeness.

Living For The Most,


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