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My Maternity Uniform

October 16, 2020

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It’s been so long since my last pregnancy I came to realize how much I’ve changed in my ways over the years… My taste and style hasn’t shifted much, but more the way I approach it has. With our first baby I remember Jared taking me shopping at the maternity store and helping me pick out basically an entire new wardrobe. These days, I’ve just tried to carry on, wearing my normal uniform.

I’ve come to love wearing dresses through the years and when I found out I was expecting I knew that dresses were going to be my game plan. They’re so comfy while also being versatile through the seasons. In the heat they’re light and flowy, while in the winter they can be layered with leggings and sweaters!

A big factor that was important to me this time was that I wanted to be able to wear the same clothes throughout my pregnancy as well as postpartum. I didn’t want to waste money buying things I truly didn’t need. I’ve become better over the years at making purchases that are timeless and last through the trends as well as staples that I can build my wardrobe on and around.

Dresses are key for me because I love their ease. I’m careful to pay attention to the fabric, cut, and print so that I know I will love it and it will last. I usually go for a quality fabric and I’ve learned by mistakes of buying the wrong fabric products. They might have caught my eye because the look was right, but in the end they were made poorly. This doesn’t just matter with fabric either… The cut of the dress is important as well because I’ve had dresses that are cut poorly wash up so badly! Once they wash they’re just not the same and aren’t flattering on. I’m careful to look at the tags of clothes these days to see what they are made of and how well they will wash. I do this with the kids clothes too! It makes a huge difference on how long clothes stay flattering and stand the test of time.

The other thing I pay attention to is the print. I try to stick within a capsule wardrobe and so I am particular about he look of my selection. I have certain colors that I know I’m drawn to and that compliment my skin, hair, and eye tones. I also have a certain taste in pattern which I’ve curated through the years. I recommend making a pinterest board with only clothing ideas you love and looking through the ideas to note what is similar in all the images. This will help you visually see the style, color, and patterns you are drawn to. When I shop online or in a store I don’t get overwhelmed by all the selections because I can streamline to what I know suits me and my style. With a capsule wardrobe it’s also simpler because you know what you’re missing and what to look for specifically.

This works with brands too! Once you understand your style you can identify brands that are a good fit for you to buy from. This goes not only for the look but the make and cut as I shared too! I’ve learned what brands I can count on to make shopping for clothes easier. I’ve come to trust a handful that I know will make the fabric, cut, and pattern that I’m looking for. With this way of shopping it’s always easy to buy things you don’t have to spend time trying on. Once you establish a maker you like, it’s easy to know that the things they make will fit you well. I never hardly consider whether or not the dress will look flattering because I’ve come to know the brands I prefer and that their sizes are suitable for me in all their styles.

All that being said I’m really happy about my maternity wardrobe this time around. I will have clothes that fit up until my due date as well as clothes that fit after!

I also think it’s a good idea to buy a few shoe styles that you can mix and match with dresses.. I wear a casual or dress shoe with most, but even in these photos from summer I wore my seasonal water shoes a lot too! You could transition seasonal shoes with dresses easily in that way too. Rubber boots in spring, tall riding boots in fall, a snow or hiking boot in the winter. There’s lots of options. Don’t think dresses always have to be dressy.

I usually buy my dresses from a variety of places. If I’m looking for a quick fix, less expensive piece, I shop at target, old navy, or consignment/second hand stores. Look for your simple cotton or linen basics at these places. If I’m looking to find something special, unique, or statement then I love anthropologie, christy dawn, doen, or ace and jig. I also buy from local shops that I’ve discovered and love!

Have you considered your wardrobe uniform? What is it that suits you and is simple to keep up with. It really does help keep things more seamless in life when you’re not as worried about what to wear all the time. I hope this post inspires you to curate your closet more and make better decisions concerning your style. It will feel so good and when you feel good, you look good right!?

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