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Little Man Likes the Cold…

November 19, 2014

Filed in: Womanhood

November has arrived!  We got a little snow this week and the littles couldn’t get enough! Jake especially surprised me because he wanted to stay out forever!!! The cold didn’t seem to bother him as much as I expected. 

He’s at that age when he really noticed the snow falling and got so excited about it!  He just had to get all bundled up and go play! His little nose was all red and his mittens were full of snow but he had too much fun to notice!  Remember those days??? 😉
He and I had some alone time Monday so I asked him what we should do & his reply was of course, a snowball fight!  So the good mom in me said okay… I try to take advantage of the times I get with my kiddos one on one because as a momma of three, I sometimes feel that my attention gets spread thin.  
I also try to use my time wisely to get things accomplished so I try to make my babes a part of whatever I’m doing.  That being said I told Jake if I had a snowball fight with him then he could help bring wood in with me!  What a deal huh? It worked though, we had fun and got something accomplished too! 
I love to get outdoors with my kiddos.  It’s so refreshing, even if it’s only for a bit and even if it takes some effort, it’s always worth it!

I took some photos of him playing in our first little snow & then he took some photos of momma too!  As a parent it’s always important to capture your child’s experiences, but sometimes I like to get a photo of us all together, or of me doing things too! I’ve became interested in photography this year and telling a story through pictures.  It’s important to document your life a little.  I want my kids to look back and say, oh yeah, I remember mom ALWAYS bringing wood in!  haha;) I want them to remember some details about me rather than just the typical big cheesy christmas picture.  The kids also love to be photographers, and it’s pretty funny to see what they come up with hehe:D

He said it was cold once it was time to do the work, go figure!!!
Have a fun day guys!  Go play outside! 
xo, kc


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