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Living Thankful…

November 24, 2014

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Each Thanksgiving families and friends gather together to celebrate the goodness in their lives and share a special traditional feast.  Each year I grow more appreciative of these times and I realize how valuable coming together is… I always wish my time with people is meaningful and fruitful. Thanksgiving is always a time to ponder that, and embrace quality time with others.  
This year I’ve really had a heavy heart for living thankful not only in the season, but every day!  It’s so easy to take daily life for granted and focus on the negative, but I am striving to ignore that in my life and find thanksgiving in everything.  I can’t deny that when I do this it leaves me with an abundance that is unexplainable.  An overflowing heart:) 
I wanted to share this in hopes of inspiring others to try to live with thanksgiving too.  Not only in the good times, but when your lost as well.  Search for hope and you will find it.  
The hubs and I enjoy hosting and we always want our home to be filled with people and memories!  Last Thanksgiving was the first in our new house.  We were so excited to have space to finally have family that we ended up with 60 people!!! My mom’s side of the family is huge;) 
This year we had Jared’s mom’s side of the family over and it was a more intimate number so I planned a more traditional table scape.  I had never set a table with glasses and dinnerware before so it was a fun little project for me:)  
Here are some details from our fancy little Thanksgiving dinner…  

 I don’t have a lot of matching pieces for a table scape so I tried to work with what I had and I invested in a few things that I can build on each year.  It was eclectic, and well I like it that way!  

I always fall in love with Anthropologie dish towels, and I like to buy one or two when I can.  I had a couple from last season that matched their new collection so I decided to put those together as our table runner.  They are just so unique and festive!  I bought some wine glasses from the wonderful TJ Maxx, and chargers at Target .  I was surprised how inexpensive those items were!  I just started with a set of 4 this year and hopefully we can add to our collection each year.  

This was my first turkey!!! Isn’t she a beauty:)))  I used a butterball and followed the Pioneer Woman’s Roasted Turkey Recipe.  I swear on everything Pioneer Woman makes!  She is successful for a reason and happily married for a reason too!  She knows how to cook! Jared’s grandpa gave me the best compliment.  He said it was the best turkey he had ever eaten.  So thanks Ree! 

I decorated with some shimmery pumpkins, but I think white would be nice too… I used some fall greenery I already had and I cut some spruce from outside and tucked it into the decor… I love natural decor and the smell it adds is priceless!  I like a touch of rustic so I placed some deer antlers in there as well.   It compliments the holiday in my opinion.  Then of course candles!!! Evening dinners need candles, or twinkle lights, or both ;D  

Having some family time <3…

My littlest turkey being his cute self! 

Poppy!  He likes to sample it all!  We get along well- “People who love to eat are alway the best people”- Julia Child

The kids table.  Just found out we are adding to it next year- but it’s not me ;P  

Doesn’t this happen at everyone’s thanksgiving??? hehe!

Hi Ronnie!  Everyone wave at Jared’s step brother. 😀

My heartland hubby (no shave November- I love it)  We enjoyed ourselves and look forward to hosting many more!

Congregating in the kitchen…

My mother in law and sister in law showing off their beautiful smiles!  Love these girls:)

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