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This season has been a whirlwind with so many new adventures and activities… Jake’s birthday flew by and we haven’t even had a free day to plan a party!  On his birthday which was September 25th, we ate pancakes and sang happy birthday and then we made his favorite supper, ate too much chocolate cake, […]

Family Life

October 23, 2018

Small Talk… Big Jake’s Birth Story

Our culture is ever changing, always evolving… As we navigate the world of social media and try to conquer this thing called connectivity we must accept that it’s not going anywhere.   As many negative and unhealthy parts of it that we have discovered along the way, we can’t ignore the positive effects as well. […]

Family Life

October 21, 2018

Ten Reasons To Start A Platform And Plant The Seeds Of Your Story

A couple of years back is when it all began… that little mama intuition nudge in my heart.  I felt drawn to homeschool.  It was a compilation of events and conversations, but it boiled down to having the freedom, privilege, and curiosity to chase my children’s interests.  With a background in development and education I’ve […]

Family Life

August 30, 2018

How Homeschooling Helped Us

I’m bringing small talk back… If you’ve been here long, you remember when I first began this journal I would post small talk entries documenting my kiddos cute sayings and happenings and just having a relaxed mama conversation with readers.  Somewhere along the way I stopped.  I guess I felt I was documenting it all […]

Family Life

May 29, 2018

Small Talk… Finn’s Birth Story

“The beautiful White River in the Ozark Mountains where Johnny Morris grew up with his mom and dad.  It was the birthplace of Bass Pro Shops.” These rich and relatable words are written in the most gorgeous watercolor as you enter the exquisite new project of Johnny Morris.  The Wonders of Wildlife, properly coined WOW, […]

Family Life

May 10, 2018

A Field Trip To WOW

It’s finally spring and we’ve been so excited to start our first flower season.  Dakota and I have been working on our business plan for the flower farm during our home school days and it has been so fun seeing her mind at work.  She is very determined to see this dream come true and […]

Family Life

March 22, 2018

Outpost Flowers

    Over the years I’ve picked up some ideas to share love and make the sweet holiday special without overspending or eating too much sugar!-Ha.   Here’s the go to list…    1 Set the mood by making cards together.  It’s funnest to make a few homemade, but we usually purchase some from here […]

Family Life

February 9, 2018

Share The Love… 5 Sweet Valentine Ideas

  Guess what I learned the last ten years of raising a family?  Success doesn’t happen on it’s own.  Once we got out of that euphoric baby bubble where everything was held together by bursting hearts and bath time lotion, I quickly realized that my family was evolving into INDIVIDUALS, who had quite the scope […]

Family Life

January 17, 2018

How To Start Setting Goals You and Your Family Will Actually Accomplish

Growing up in a small town had it’s sweet advantages… When I was a teenager working at the local dairy queen, the owner, who was also our town mayor of course, hosted a Christmas party for all of us employees.  The mayor and his wife were the kindest of people who took good care of […]

Family Life

December 21, 2017

The Art Of Old Fashioned Cocoa

Wrapping up this first season of homeschooling feels good.  It has flown by and I can think of so many things that I wish I would have done, or could have done better.  However, in the end, I’m just thankful for the opportunity we’ve had to try it out, for the grace of learning as […]

Family Life

November 30, 2017

Lessons From Our First Chapter of Homeschooling

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