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The Art Of Old Fashioned Cocoa

December 21, 2017

Filed in: Family Life

Growing up in a small town had it’s sweet advantages… When I was a teenager working at the local dairy queen, the owner, who was also our town mayor of course, hosted a Christmas party for all of us employees.  The mayor and his wife were the kindest of people who took good care of their little crew and our community.  Carol, the mayors wife, made what she likely thought was just her normal specialty, but it was my first taste of real cocoa and the start of a beautiful thing.  I probably drank about 5 cups before I asked her for the recipe!  I’ve been mixing that magic every season since!  

Funny how your senses can bring back those beloved memories from long ago.  I’ll always cherish Bob and Carol for taking the time to honor the season with us and for giving the time and attention to us that they did.  I know they may never know that something so simple has left me with something so special.  I make that cocoa recipe for my kids each year and they too recognize it’s richness.  There’s just something about the art of slowing down and stirring a cup of old fashioned cocoa that warms the soul.

We usually kick off the season sipping hot cocoa by the fire and reading our favorite Christmas stories and then we savor it again on Christmas morning.  It’s become our tradition and a special treat we love to share!  We hope you give it a try this season.  

Old Fashioned Cocoa

sugar – 1/2 c

cocoa – 1/3 c

milk -4 1/2 c

vanilla – 1/2 tsp




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