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December 21, 2017

Filed in: Womanhood

This Christmas marks the third annual wrapping party I’ve hosted and although it began as a way to help ourselves out this time of year by getting our gift wrapping done ahead of time it has evolved into a much prettier package!  As the children and I have been reading through a lot of literature this year with homeschooling we have noticed that so often the characters in the stories are orphaned children.  Furthermore, as we read the history of Saint Nicholas this season the children also learned that the heart behind his original message was to help orphans and give them hope.  

It got us thinking of how we could be used this holiday and in the years to come to carry on the spirit of the true gift… HOPE.  I instantly thought of the wrapping party I host each year.  It started as a way for some of us mama’s to get together and get our gifts wrapped early, but it seems that it could be used for something much greater.  Here we are each year in our nice warm home wrapping gifts for our safe and healthy children who already have all they could ever need, while so many others are suffering and struggling.  It seems the perfect opportunity to gather together, remind our hearts about hurt, and give gifts and hope to those in need.  

This year we are contributing towards helping local children in our community.  I’ve prayed it becomes so much more and also that it opens our hearts to see needs not just in this spirited season but in our everyday lives.  We don’t need a gathering to give.  All we need is to gather & give.  


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