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Starting A Simple Stress Free Meal Plan

December 27, 2017

Filed in: Homemaking

Of all the household duties, the most important is feeding our family.  The actual giving of life.  The staple needed to sustain.  It is often overlooked as we get overwhelmed just thinking of all the work it takes to plan, purchase, create, and clean up!  And have you ever caught yourself scrolling through pinterest for ideas only to find out you’re feeding those feelings of inadequacy?  Don’t spend all your time worrying about how bad you suck or wishing you were Sandra Lee.  Instead, start this simple meal plan and save yourself the stress.


F I R S T – Write down your top 3-5 favorite foods to eat and have your family do the same.  


S E C O N D – Compile these recipes as your “go to’s” to be great at! (Remember “I can cook anything and everything”-said no one ever!;)… Keep it simple and get good at these handful before you move on.)


T H I R D – Plan to make these on a rhythm… Mexican Monday, Italian Tuesday… you get the idea, make it your own!  (This makes grocery shopping more simple too.  You can think quick about your families favorite meals, and as you get better you’ll even remember the ingredients without a list each week.) 


F O U R T H – Don’t forget to modify the meals!  Some weeks are going to be wacky… you may need to adjust the Italian night to only noodles and sauce sometimes.  On the flip side you may have a week when you feel like superwoman and that’s when you spread your wings a bit and make the meal more meaningful… an awesome salad, a homemade bread, a special drink to enrich the flavors (These are the times when you surprise your family with those special somethings and learn new ways to spice up the same meal.)


L A S T – Review and adjust your meals by quarter.  What this means is change your menu according to the season.  Do these steps each winter, spring, summer, and fall and before you know it you will be well on your way to a simple, less stressful grocery mind that gives life to you and your loved ones.


Best wishes and good luck!  I hope this helps guide you to become a great meal planner!


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live for the most


xx  kasey

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