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A Family Focused…

January 10, 2015

As I mentioned in my last post, DEFINING A VISION, I have been on a mission to focus on what I value the most,  family.   In this post I will share how we are defining a vision for our family.  I believe that to have a close relationship with your family and to see it blossom you have to dream together and bond together.  It begins and ends with togetherness…   It was insightful to listen to my family’s dreams, relate to each other, and unite TOGETHER!  Here’s how we started…



I realized as I went through the thought process of establishing my personal goals that it felt so healthy and hopeful to get a clear idea of where I saw myself in the future.  I then decided to bring this up in a conversation with my husband and I told him I was interested to hear what he really values at this stage in his life.  So he invested some time in writing his thoughts down… It was so interesting!  We enjoyed doing this together and it reminded us of what things we share a value for.  For us, family was at the top! That’s when we discussed our family goals.

– we wrote down our family goals

-we crossed things out until we had 3-5 of our most important

-we wrote a short mission ( a summary of what’s important and how you will accomplish it)

-we wrote down a few specific things that will help us achieve our goals

-we felt relieved to have a clear plan;)

For the last couple years I’ve sat down with the kids and talked to them about the New Year and resolutions.  I’ve had them think of 3 things that they wanted to do in the New Year and then we wrote them down.  I keep their goals in my planner and we check it throughout the year to plan or see what they’ve accomplished.  It was so fun this New Year’s Eve to look back on what was important to them and talk about their new endeavors.  I love doing this and plan to continue the tradition with them.  Here’s some of their dreams for this year…


  • ride an airplane
  • go to Disney World
  • be in swimming


  • travel with a map
  • practice basketball
  • ride a plane ( he said, “I always wanted to go to Mars ya know?”) 😀


  • wrestle on the bed
  • have a batman birthday
  • stop wetting the bed ( okay I added this one ;P)

This week has already challenged our new mission and plans but because we invested in this plan together it’s kept us accountable and reminded us to stay on task and fight for each other’s hopes and dreams.

Hope you enjoy these ideas and wishing your family a year of fulfillment!

Love you all and I will announce the winner of the planner GIVEAWAY tomorrow!


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