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Small Talk… January 2015

February 1, 2015

Filed in: Family Life

Children grow and change so fast.  With each stage they go through there are so many sweet things I always hope to remember.  Since they were small I’ve tried to keep notes when they do or say something cute.  I jot it down and save it as keepsake.  I am planning to share some of my favorites from now on at the end of each month…

This is January’s “Small Talk”

Dakota Rose-

  • got her first loose tooth and we had to check it every thirty minutes to see if it was any looser…;)
  • loves blueberry bagels for breakfast
  • is a tasmanian devil after school every day
  • offers the most sincere and pure prayers

Jake Wyatt-

  • smiles these to die for smiles when we cuddle
  • loves peanut butter toast
  • gets grossed out at kissy scenes on tv
  • says sure thing mom & also get me some right now! ;P
  • when the pastor asked for prayer requests at church he raised his hand and then when he was called on he offered grace instead haha ;))) this one was pretty cute and funny, but made my heart swell more <3

Finnley Keith-

  • doing things to see what he can get away with…:P
  • says actually all the time… I think he just likes the way it sounds! ha
  • says no momma I don’t need watch mine hands 😉
  • likes to play house and pretend he is the baby… calls sissy his mommy and when I answer he tells me no, not you momma- I’m talking to sissy!
  • loves heroes and army guys… says I’m da weel fake batman!

This stuff is priceless to me and I just want to encourage you if you don’t already to keep a simple list each month to note some stuff like this because it’s so valuable to look back on.  Also, write their sayings out the way they sound it out because you’ll want to remember that 😉

If you have ideas for ways to keep track of childhood memories let me know, I’d love to get more ideas!

Thanks so much for reading friends and wish you all a Happy Monday!

lots of love,


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