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Back to Basics… Work Space

February 11, 2015

Filed in: Homemaking

Oh my… the work space… It’s the one that I’m constantly trying to get back to the basics on- haha;) My work space is a work in progress and I’m sure it will be for a while, but I wanted to go ahead and share it with you because you may see an idea you like..?  Personally, I love eclectic spaces, but I dream of this space being a little more put together.  Until then I choose to love it and make the best of it, so these are the things that I either need or love -the basics.

  • a lamp-for ambience and task lighting
  • chalkboard- to note seasonal tidbits;)
  • pinboard-to hang anything important or inspirational
  • arrangement-for warmth and beauty
  • pencils/paper-absolutely necessary
  • printer-need it and didn’t find a better place for it:(
  • file/mail box- to keep track of documents at hand
  • kiddos chores/money jars-for keeping up with my children’s jobs!!!;)
  • computer- need not explain;)
  • reading books- I would be lost without reading inspiration!
  • planner- yes please:)))

If you have any questions about where I purchased any items or other work space related thoughts comment below please I’d love to share and get more ideas myself<3

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  1. Allie Peck says:

    I really need to start chores and money jars for my boys. What chores did you start your littles with?

    • KC O'BRIEN says:

      hey Allie!!! so happy to see you on here:) I read the Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruz book about how to teach your kids about money and that helped me a ton, but I bet they have a lot of resources on their website too! The money jars help them “see” their money and watch it grow… I have just played around with what works best for us on the specific chores and stuff but I’ve definitely seen progress with it and they are gaining the concepts. I may do a post on it this spring with more detail of how we do it and what’s working for us;) talk soon! happy vday!

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