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#Man Crush Monday…

February 9, 2015

To kick off February in honor of love I devoted a post to why I love my hubby!  I could list many great qualities he has but here are the favorites I cling to… <3

  • he has a heart of integrity, loyalty, and wisdom
  • he is a tender and responsible father
  • he’s rugged and handsome;)
  • we share interests and values
  • he’s forgiving and forgivable;)

In all the ups and down of life I’m thankful to share this life with him.

He usually won’t let me steal any photos of him so I have to be sneaky and catch him off guard.  These represent him to his core… I love them:)

Think about reasons you love someone in your life and be sure to share it with them… LOVE, it really is magical;)

Happy Monday and lots of LOVE!!!



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