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The Process of A Good Play Space…

February 18, 2015

Filed in: Homemaking

I really intended to post the kids play space today… but I am still working on it!!! 🙂 I’m in a little deep;)

For the last year I’ve struggled to get rid of all those hodge podge toys that don’t really get played with, and each time I declutter the mess just seems to come back!  We are beyond blessed to have more than we need and so I hate to gripe about having too much, but it’s just simply too much! hehe;)

It’s a work in progress but in order for the play space to be a good space in needs to have what works… This week I’m trying to fine tune that and tell myself it’s okay to let go of A LOT!!! haha:))) I’m usually kind of a minimalist type of person but it’s hard to get rid of perfectly good toys…. I hesitate thinking well I hate to get rid of this because they might get interested in it..;P

This is why I’m glad I did this back to basics series. I need to be reminded constantly to get back to basics! It’s helping me stay accountable and create a more functionable and happy space for myself and my family:)

Soooo that is where I’ll be today friends… slaving away at the playroom…. Besides figuring out the toy problem and decluttering I’ve been looking though pinterest and other resources to see what kind of style I’m drawn to and I’ve been thinking about how to implement that into my own space. Check out my pinterest for some ideas and don’t forget to create your own board to start building your ideas! I also love to start by looking at Restoration Hardware’s baby/child gallery… It’s so good to see what kind of pallet and tone you want to set. Then I build on that by studying pbkids and Land of Nod spaces to see what stands out to me and how I can recreate similarities in our home 😀 Hope this is helpful and sorry no pictures today… I’m a busy mommy and sometimes everything just doesn’t always fall into place! Please forgive me-LOL!!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday – XXOO

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