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Blue on Black

February 20, 2015

Filed in: Womanhood

My go to color has always been black, but the last couple years I have noticed myself gravitating towards blue hues.  They say blue is the new black ya know;))) I have noticed this in my house as well, I’m always drawn towards decorating with blues… it really is a neutral color that goes with almost anything and can be worn at any time of year for any occasion.  I have had all these black pieces for years but I recently bought this coat at forever 21.  All their winter stuff is half off right now so I got a great deal on it;)  I use to think forever 21 was for young girls, but as their name states you can be forever 21!! lol:D  They have super good prices.  Their clothes are not the highest quality, but if your looking for a trendy piece to add to your wardrobe for a season… trust me, you will find it there.   Gotta Love That!

ps. I got these sunglasses there too for 5 bucks and they are nicely made!

Hope you are all staying warm!!!

I was so happy to have this snowfall.  One reason I love living in the midwest is that we get to experience all the different seasons so fully!  Get out and play in the snow friends-it feels so good!

lots of love,


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