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Barbershop Boys

March 6, 2015

Spring is almost here and it was time for these two to get a new do.  They love going to the barber.  Usually their daddy takes them, but this time was mommy’s turn.  Ole main street barbershop’s are just the best!  Our’s is so nostalgic and it always reminds me of where I come from… the country.

I have been feeling really country lately and so I broke out my old faded jeans, a lacy top, and of course the turquoise today because the sun was shining and it just seemed like a casual country day.  I’m getting so anxious for spring now… staying outside til dark, cleaning up the yard, planting, playing ball, going for hikes…. the list could go on and on..  Something about the change of season brings me a breath of fresh air.  This time of year, I love living in the country.  <3

I’ve been picking up a few new makeup items for spring too and I plan on doing a spring makeup look on you tube soon.  Wish me luck cause it’s gonna take a lot of guts for me to do:/ I’m not used to the video thing and I’m sooo new to you tube, but I have had some people asking me to share so I think it might be fun to try:D

Have a super weekend friends- enjoy this beautiful sunshine!

Love ya bunches,


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