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My Little Irish Brood…

March 20, 2015

Filed in: Womanhood

Oh my goodness I’m going to apologize now for the picture overload.  We went down the lane to my folks place this week and played around in their old rock quarry.  I think we found our new favorite play place;)  We drive by these rocks every day going to and from our home and they always catch my eye.

We celebrated St. Patty’s Day this week and I talked to the kids a bit about their Irish heritage.  I shared with them how our land is very similar to Ireland.  These rocks were such a perfect example of that we had to go check them out!  

I tried to get the kiddos to all wear green and gold for the luck of the Irish… It pretty much worked, but they are very independent and getting to the age that they want to pick  their own clothes…;)  they take after their dad! 😀  hehe, not really!

Finnley especially… he likes to dress himself these days!  He is really into his brothers clothes as you can see… and he won’t take his krochet kids beanie off!

Jake is all about what he calls his ‘jackets” i.e… a collared button up;P  

Kody likes her leggings and she has a new thing for the side braid… she’s a youtube fan now ya know and she’s all about the hair tutorials 😉

Green has been the theme this week. We ate green breakfasts, we tried to trap a green leprechaun, and we even got a little green ourselves later in the week when everyone decided to start getting sick and throwing up!!! yikes:0  

Yes we rung it in right people!  

How was your St. Patrick’s?

Best of Luck to Ya;)  


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  1. Hayley Larue says:

    That’s awesome that you guys have Irish heritage! Makes St. Patty’s Day even more exciting 🙂

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