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Keeping it Clean…

March 25, 2015

Filed in: Homemaking

Today post is all about what’s working…   I wanted to share a breakthrough I’ve had with balancing the ever mundane chore list plus share some photos of our kitchen because a lot of people are always asking me about our kitchen.  So here’s a little glimpse into the most gathered in and CLEANED!!! space in our home;)

Somewhere in the middle of having three little stinkers I lost my housekeeping touch… could it have something to do with them..?  Maybe, but their not going anywhere for awhile so I’ve been determined to gain it back and figure out what works to KEEPING UP with CLEAN;)  Also keeping Captain America out of the snack cabinet!!!

I’ve started focusing on one big “chore” a day.  I give myself a break on Weekends and Wednesday this way I can either play catch up on those days, do extra household projects on my to do list, or just relax and not do any thing.

Here’s an example of what’s working

  • Mon.KITCHEN (clean fridge/ wipe appliances,counters,cabinets/ clean microwave/ groceries)
  • Tues.- BATHROOMS (clean sinks, tub, toilets/wipe counters, cabinets, mirrors/clean floors)
  • Wed.OFF
  • Thurs.- WINDOWS & TRIM (wash windows and wipe trim or fans, etc…
  • Fri.DUST & FLOORS ( dust throughout the house/sweep, mop, vacuum)

These chores seriously take on avg. 20 minutes out of my day and I give myself about thirty minutes in the morning to do them or thirty minutes in the afternoon.

I also have my kiddos help me so that way they are working at taking care of things too and also this allows me to help them learn how to do the chores and model things for them.

 I used to let them pick a chore each week and I was always feeling like I had to stop what I was doing and help them, plus I was still doing the chore technically… Now I’m able to teach them as were working together and they gain pride in what they do and skill- win win;)

Doing just a little each day really is the way to go because you don’t get overwhelmed and you feel motivated to keep an eye on your work through the week.  I also find that there’s a lot of teachable moments through the week when I can show the kids how much easier it is to tidy up something that’s already pretty clean compared to cleaning up a bigger mess.

I plan time each day to also do daily chores that just require maintenance…

Gosh I’m feeling super organized writing this out, but its really not this structured haha;) If you’ve been to my house you know I’m actually not that put together and I’m by nature a free spirit so if one chore doesn’t get checked off the list one day I don’t loose any sleep;) hehe.  I do notice though that just planning a bit of time for this stuff and working  it into a daily plan helps tremendously.

So to finish I do put some daily chores on priority like meals, dishes, laundry, spot sweeping, and tidying up our rooms.  These things are the basic needs so I make sure they get met or we get way behind… If my major “chore” doesn’t get met then I usually have time to make up for it on one of my off days or it just waits till the next week which works:D

Do you all have any go to tricks for keeping up with clean?  Let me know in the comments and let me know if this was helpful?

Happy Humpday Everyone !  #what’sworkingwednesday 😉



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