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March 31, 2015

Filed in: Family Life

March has flown by this year!!! I can’t believe its really spring already!  We’ve been getting outside as much as possible and soaking up this beautiful weather;)  The kiddos love going for little hiking adventures.  For Finnley, it’s like a new world.  Exploring the outdoors is a newly discovered thing for him since he was still kinda small last year…  I love how these photos capture his excitement.

Here’s some of what my little trail blazers have been up to this month…


  • READING!  had her head in a book all month:D  This is my first time to experience my child reading and it’s so fulfilling to watch them learn to read and build on their skill.  “the more you read, the more you know”- dr. suess
  • jumping out of swings//swinging way too high:(
  • rides her bike completely independently now- woohoo!
  • still my little snuggler…she has a hard time calming herself down until she’s held or snuggled…her love language is surely touch!


  • loving to do crafts.. draw/write/create stories
  • catching and throwing a baseball… it’s like he instantly got gifted coordination this month??? hehe:)
  • tries to keep his little brother in line and then gets mad because it usually doesn’t work;) ha!
  • says “I believe” all the time.. (I believe so mom, yep I believe that’s right, hmmm… I believe) He really likes this phrase: DDD


  • becoming quite the storyteller…..
  • says, “I’m a big boy mama I can do it” <3
  • has to put on his own shoes now
  • loves superheroes and calls most of them by their common name…i.e. peter parker, steve rogers, bruce wayne, tony stark… you get the idea… he’s obsessed… ;P
  • last but not least he hangs upside down on the swing set bar and yes he’s only two… this kid is crazy!!!

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