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Play Space Part 1

April 13, 2015

Filed in: Homemaking

I finally got the kiddos playroom put together… well.. for now;)  Summer is right around the corner and I wanted to have the play area officially finished up and ready for the three amigos to make lots of memories and lots of messes in their new space together.

When I started planning the kids play space I imagined it to be calm and soft.  A place where they can be comfy and free.  I wanted it to be easy for them to use and also easy for me to manage.

I started by breaking their play area into 2 parts… a more quiet place, and a more creative place.  Our play space is in our loft and it’s a long narrow shape so this made sense for that too.  I thought it would be easier to show you in two separate posts since I can’t actually take a photo of the whole play space anyways ;P.

In the quiet place I put books, games, puzzles, stuffed animals, and any of their electronics (i.e. iPad, etc… )

I have a lot of books from being a teacher and I like having them all out where I can find them at any time.  I organize them by seasons so right now we have spring books on the low shelf and themes we are learning about are out on the bench for easy access 😉

I don’t like keeping a lot of non essential items but my babes love them some stuffed animals so I had to compromise here… We piled all the cutie pies on the bench so they can partake in the fun and be played with and put up super easy throughout the days.  With them out like this I must say the kids really do play with all of them all the time… This makes me feel good, like all the toys are feeling loved- haha!  If your kids like animal pretend play like mine try these adorable places… calico critter, bablakids, maileg for items and this sweet doll house was 12 bucks from one kings lane.

We of course needed a plush little rug which I’ve had from home goods forever.. The chairs are by pottery barn kids,  got these a couple years back at christmas 🙂 always good deals on them then!  The small table is from target and the kids’ grandma made them the beautiful handmade blanket.

My favorite part of this space is the Sugar Boo wall art- when you read it you’ll know why… every mama’s heart melts.. Sugar Boo can do no wrong!  They are pretty popular.  I first saw their work on one of my favorite instagram accounts @ lovesarahschneider.  Sarah has gorgeous style and the best Sugar Boo collection eva!  Recently,  I’ve  also seen some Sugar Boo Designs art in Joanna Gaines farmhouse… she’s the visionary behind the hit hgtv’s Fixer Upper.  They are a bit pricey but I saved for the one I really wanted and settled for the small version too… I guess good artwork is expensive… who knew??? 😉

Last but not least we gotta have a spot for kid friendly artwork or that just wouldn’t be right.  I hung a blank canvas as a little nod to their art and we clip their creations on as we go along.

This darling bunny head came from Hanna Anderson’s new collection which Im smitten by.  If you like any type of scandinavian design, which I’m a sucker for,  then you will fall in love with her work.

I feel very happy with how it has turned out… It’s simple and whimsical and just about right;)



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