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Some Romance…

April 15, 2015

Filed in: Womanhood

I’ve decided to start posting the wear posts on Wednesdays now so here’s the first wednesday wear… I am really into white and floral of  course for spring… I bought the most beautiful sheer floral dress for Easter from shopbop and when it came it really was SHEER!!! I tried to still wear it but it just wasn’t happening… Hopefully, I can return it and get me some other pretty feminine dress for summer wedding season <3

All of these pieces I’ve had since high school I think- lol!  Yes -I’m that cool!  I make fun of my hubs when I find old ratty football shirts that need thrown away but I guess I’m guilty too;)

I pinned my hair back with a bobby pin for this look.  I use to fix my hair the same all the time… just plain and down.   Then after the kids, I went through the stage of wanting to spruce myself up a bit so I started experimenting with adding some simple looks that I could throw together real quick and easy.  This adds just a little something soft and different.

Hope you guys likes!!! love you bunches and be sure to check back Friday for the other half of the playroom- woohoo!

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