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Play Space Part 2

April 17, 2015

Filed in: Homemaking

Well here it is… the creative place of the play area.  In this space we pretend, build blocks, and make art! It works out pretty good:)

Most of the pretend stuff is hidden in the baskets and cabinets… The blocks are stored under the play table, and the art materials are sorted on the shelves somewhat… I keep seasonal related art crafts in a bin next to the shelf ( i.e. stickers, projects, etc..)

Most of these pieces I’ve collected over time.  The kitchen is from amazon, a birthday gift.  The table is from amazon ( a train table actually).  The shelves are from amazon too!  apparently that’s the place to buy kids furniture stuff – hehe;)

The chalkboard… just hobby lobby.  The “O” is from etsy.  One of my best friends gifted that to us when we got married.  The measuring stick is from Kirklands.  The most adorable map ever is from etsy as well as the go play outside art.  The “we are young” sign was a must from Urban Outfitters.  They have fun stuff!  Most of the accessories are from target, pottery barn and all the other places toys come from… To see ideas where I like to purchase toys and stuffed animals see my last play space post here.

One of my favorite things in this space  besides the wall decor and twinkly lights is the crayon holder.  I saw this idea in a photo.  I just recreated it by going to our local flea market on main in Anderson.  Me and the owner, who is always so lovely and helpful, looked all over and finally spotted this beauty!  I painted it white so the colors would pop and the kids could see them well to keep them sorted.  I’m not much of a diy gal but sometimes I don’t mind these small kinds of touches.  Plus I feel like it personalizes the space that much more:)

I tried to list all the places I purchased things so I hope that’s helpful and if you would like more specific info on anything please don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m happy to help;)

Also, let me know in the comments or over on Facebook, or IG if there are any other topics you’d like me to review or cover on here??? I’d appreciate any feedback!

Thanks so much for each of your support and love!  I am running into people all the time who say their reading the blog so that makes me super happy guys!!! <3<3<3

Have a wonderful weekend and hope this post inspires you in some way : D

xxoo, kc

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