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April Showers Bring…Time To Clean Up The Mudroom!

April 24, 2015

Filed in: Homemaking

This time of year our entry area is cra cra!  Can I get an amen? Did anyone see my instagram post of the kids cute little rainboots COVERED and SURROUNDED with MUD!-ugh…   I thought it would be an appropriate time to post the mudroom and give you some motivation to get in there and find a little happy in the mess!

Every since we started the plans for our home I imagined the mudroom to be a welcoming entry style space… I wanted it to be a clean and pretty place that was inviting.  A place I could also decorate seasonally.  As time has went by though I’ve come to realize that for my family it’s not functioning very well like that.   So I decided to make it just what it is… a spot to come and go and keep the stuff that we use on a daily basis where its handy for everyone.

We have a closet in this room that I can keep a lot hidden in which I love!  It’s where I keep bags, pet supplies, seasonal items like swim jackets in the summer…., outdoor toys and sports stuff, extra coats and jackets, hats, gloves, umbrella, you name it…. you get the idea;)

In the main mud room part I just have a couple rugs, one for wiping feet and another to add some warmth and texture… We have shoe baskets for each family member- this is working well!  We have a rack where we can hang our everyday things like jackets and backpacks, and lastly we have some family photo frames that I made from an idea I saw on pinterest.

Our beautiful dutch door was one thing I wanted forever… I just love it!  Mine is extra special because my daddy made it:-)  I can close the bottom part and hide everything if I need to;P  I’d love to eventually add some white washed planks to my walls in here but that’s a future project;P  Here is an idea I’m in love with from one of my pinterest boards.  I wish I would have done this in the beginning when we built the house ( I almost did), but I was unsure like I said before.  I waited.  I’m always a slow decision maker on that kind of stuff!  Oh well!  Just something to dream about for the future… I like daydreaming- don’t  you?

Have a super weekend and don’t be scared of your mudroom peeps!  It’s just a little dirt…ha!



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