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T-ball Time…

April 29, 2015

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It’s officially ball season… with two playing this year were gone to practices almost every night!  It’s so worth it when they love it though:) Were a competitive family so I new this day would come and here we are already… Let the games begin;)

We’ve been going out and playing ball in the yard to gear up for the season.  My husband keeps a diamond mowed down in our meadow so it feels like were living in the Field of Dreams… anyone remember that movie?  My husband does apparently- lol!  He and the kids definitely eat it up!  That’s their little hang out at night time.  It’s so nice to have these later nights now… summers a comin!

Jared and I coach Kody’s team and Jared helps coach Jake this year too so were always on the go and wearing our active wear.  For me it’s yoga pants or shorts and a comfy tee and tennies.  Old Navy is wear I bought these leggings.  Always some cute athletic things and always low prices.

Poor Jared comes straight from work so he’s always looking super important on the diamond in his polo and khakis :PPP hehe!  He’s gonna kill me!  He would love to have his athletic clothes on but he always makes me bring his ball cap at least… He couldn’t go without that;) #RoyalsforLIFE

I came across a new kids line I’m in love with!  I first bought stuff from them in the fall and the kids wanted to wear the items everyday!  They are made so well, they’re an easy fav!  They are a pricier brand though so I can’t do too much:/ but they have the most adorable seasonal things like these ball shirts.  I try to get the kiddos something from there each season if possible… The brand is Peek Kids and it can be found at Nordstrom.

Thought it was too cute not too share Huh???

PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxoo, kc




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