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Springtime Baby Showers…

May 7, 2015

This spring has been all about the baby showers!  I have so many prego family members and I’m eating it up!  I love babies and I love celebrating new life<3   I hosted a few showers this spring and had so much fun with each special one.   A baby shower is so sentimental to the mama… Their going through so many changes and anticipating so much of the unknown.  It’s nice to be showered and surrounded by your loved ones.  I hope they loved their showers as much as I loved putting them together.  Here’s a few snaps of this last weekend… One of my best friends and sister in law, Tasha, is expecting in June and we had this sweet little shower for her.

I try to keep it very simple… I do fresh flowers and use the bouquets as gifts for any activities.  I usually don’t play many games.  I like to do something where everyone writes something to the parents or baby so they have a record of who was present and also something  meaningful from the celebration.  I just do little sweet and salty snacks and a punch, lemonade, or ice tea.  Focus on decorating with what you have and what type of style the mommy likes.  Remember the more simple and classic the better… you can’t go wrong with that and you will save lots of money not buying all the temptations at hobby lobby too!  Don’t even go in there!!! haha;)  No offense to hobby lobby, it’s actually a compliment:D gotta love that place!!!

lots of love and remember to show some love  to all those baby carrying mama’s out there!  Where would any of us be without them??? ;P



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