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Small Talk… May 2015

June 3, 2015

Filed in: Family Life

You know that saying April showers bring May flowers… this year it’s been more like rain, rain, and then some more rain!!!  We’ve embraced it though!  Definitely got our fair share of puddle jumping in this year;)  Even though we haven’t seen many pretty flowers yet I have faith that they will come.  I’m grateful for the rain and that’s what I’m sharing about today… gratefulness.

I recently heard about something called a gratefulness walk.  It’s when you go out for a walk each day, let your senses take in all the outdoors, and talk about what your grateful for… I mean you actually say each thing that your grateful for out loud!  You can even do this with your spouse or a friend .. . whatever!   It sounds a bit silly but I’m a believer in things like these.  There is just something good for the soul about acknowledging the good things in your life and being outside.  I have so many hopes, dreams, and passions I want to live out and it’s so typical for us as humans to get caught up and even a little obsessed with things we want from the kind of shoes we wear to the places we long to travel…. the list just continues on…

I believe as long as we can dream about it we can make that dream come true, but an important part of doing that is recognizing the place you are in life, being grateful for what you have in that place, and then dreaming about the huge array of things you may be lucky enough to be grateful for in the days ahead.

That’s another part of it… you say the things you hope to be grateful for one day.  So you kind of dream a little and pretend you already have things you want.  It helps your mind develop a clarity for what’s important to you.  The gratefulness walk teaches us to taste the goodness in our daily lives and to share our hopes for tomorrow.

The most important thing I’m grateful for is my family… and the thing I hope for is to teach them how to dream and that dreams can come true!<3

Here is a little “small talk” that I kept track of from May.  I love looking back on these.  If you haven’t seen any of my small talk posts go to the top of this page and click on life then family and they will be in that category.

Dakota Rose-

  • loves to fish and do all the dirty jobs that go along with it;P
  • decided to grow her nails long like mommy<3 she gave up biting them and is even keeping them filed… she’s always my determined one:) love her
  • taught the boys how to play sherades… it has been too funny whatching them act things out!  If you have little ones definitely teach them this game… promise it will be double entertaining;D

Jake Wyatt-

  • super excited to start prek in the fall… he has started writing in his own journal and thinks this is soooo cool!
  • loves to dig with tools in the yard and “help” with yard work…  someone please stop him!!!!!!! #toomanyholesinmyyard
  • always my thinker.   always thinking of others.  always insightful.  love you son.

Finnley Keith-

  • enjoy’s peeing out the backdoor, but never makes it off the back porch… instead onto the welcome rug 🙁 help!
  • loves to hang upside down and jump off anything really high!  my little monkey boy
  • starting to explain and comprehend big ideas… even correcting his older siblings!  woohoo finn!
  • when he get’s mad at anyone in the family he tells us “your the meanest one in the whole family” your too much finn… tear…;)


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