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It’s not perfect but it’s SO much better…

October 7, 2015

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Have you ever experienced a moment when you recognize you are mastering something… like you have finally figured out the secret and WOW it’s so much better than the way things were before?!?

I was talking with a friend who has made some lifestyle changes for the better.  She has lost a lot of weight and stayed committed to eating healthy and exercise.  As we talked she confessed that even though she has made so much progress she hardly even realized it because her eyes were on the bigger picture.  She had made a decision in the beginning that it wasn’t even about the end result but the daily journey that brought her there.  She said each day she was more satisfied with herself for pursuing what was better and she was content with getting “better” each day.  It is that attitude precisely that I believe makes someone successful in the end ( whatever ) they are pursuing.

I wrote early in the year about my own pursuit of a more healthy lifestyle and in the beginning I stayed focused on taking it slow and steady and knowing that it was going to be about the journey as well…

I struggled with feeling healthy and rested the last few years after having my kids.  Anyone else have this problem??? haha;) I was not getting enough sleep, never exercising, and always feeling run down and helpless.   I didn’t have enough time in the day- right?  WRONG!

I got to that desperate point of having to make some changes because my health was out of control… My mind, body, and soul were screaming for attention.  I would stay up really late because that was the only time I thought I could think clearly or just let myself chill out, I was so tense I couldn’t sleep at night, I was getting dangerously close to panic attacks.  It was bad friends, it was bad.

I told myself this year that this was a year of discipline for me.  If I really wanted to get healthy I had to fight for it.

Here are some ways I’ve been making progress…

I started by making good habits ( morning and nightly)

I also remind myself of my goals and purpose to help me  stay focused and excited about my endeavors… I wrote it down where I look at it every day.

  • I try to go to sleep at the same time each day.
  • I plan my day the night before and drink some calming tea.
  • I journal, drink water, and stretch before I lay down.
  • My plan and the journal I use help me to highlight and remind myself of the positives and the things that are important for me to work on or get accomplished.
  • I try to wake up at the same time each day.
  •  I stretch, drink water, and journal as soon as I rise.
  •  I drink coffee and have my quiet or bible time first thing.
  • After that I look at my plan and try to get the most important task done within the hour.
  • By then I’m usually a little charged and I work out, eat breakfast, and get ready.

I made it sound so simple but this has been a work in progress.  I’m always adjusting it to what’s working and what’s not.

I still don’t feel like I’m quote- successful, until I look at my journey and see my growth.  It looks different for every person, but when you keep your eyes on the big picture success will inevitably follow in some way, shape, or form.

As I make progress though, I am happy with it.  I’m becoming who I strive to be and that’s the key.  I think my friend and I have experienced the same thing in that once you get a taste of goodness you don’t want to go back.  Once you’ve seen the light you will do whatever you can to cling to it!!!  Let the momentum of each step carry you to the next one.

I just wanted to share this for encouragement in whatever type of endeavor you are looking in the face.  Start today, you’ll wish you started a year ago.  Progress takes time.  Be patient.  Allow yourself some grace.

Success is something you attract by the person you become – Jim Rohn

click on the links in the bulleted section to see what journal and work out I use that have made a big impact:)

sorry these photos were a tad fuzzy… not our best photography day;))) but you get the picture right? hehe!




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