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Small Talk… August

September 2, 2015

Filed in: Family Life

Oh summer, I’m going to miss you!  Here are some snapshots from summertime on instagram.  I’m an adventurer, and a free spirit so summer is full of lots of yes days and we go, go, go  a lot.  But isn’t that what summer’s suppose to be about?  I want to look back and have memories… full memories.

The babes are growing so big and I want to savor these times so stinkin much!  Here’s some tidbits of things they have said and done this month…

Dakota Rose-

We watched a few of our families newborns this month and she was a dream.  She helped so much and loved nurturing those little ones.  <3 made me think it would definitely be easier to have another now with her getting bigger;P

Lost her two big front teeth!!!

Jake Wyatt-

Begs every day to play and read with me… he loves to learn and is so curious to know about eveything right now.

Likes to chill in the big chair with his daddy at night and watch daddy’s shows… history, science, and baseball 😀

Finnley Keith-

Still soaking up the threenager days…

Loves watching kids youtube videos of action figure reviews- haha;)

transitioning into sleeping in his room with his big brother.  wow!  finally getting there– this is a really big deal for us:)

Thanks for reading and looking forward to beginning a new season!  I will be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on and I will be keeping it within the topics of family, home, wellness, and wear.  So you can expect a couple ideas from each topic per month!

<3 kc


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